The Trinity

June 7, 2020

MATTHEW 28:16-20

Have you ever tried to understand something but it took years and many teachers and many experiences before you finally caught on? That’s how we learn how to ride a bike or understand deep theories or deep social issues. Trying to understand someone else’s mind or emotions or will is often an exercise in futility or the task of a lifetime.

An understanding of the Trinity is all of these things. The experiences of God over a lifetime, getting glimpses of who God is from Scripture or from other people, and then putting it together into a more meaningful whole, and then only to be added to or subtracted from by the next experience. This is true also in our understanding of hunger, racism and issues of justice. We are now all learning from our present experience of the death of George Floyd and the consequent protests.

We also grow in our experiences of God. A six year old girl was painting a picture of God. Her teacher said “No one knows what God looks like!” The girl said, “They will in a little while!” We need these glimpses. We need those Bible stories. We need creation and nature stories. We need stories of Jesus. We need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Then we need to put all of these experiences and learning together. It grows and develops. It takes a lifetime.

C. S. Lewis said “The Christian story is precisely the story of one grand miracle, the Christian assertion being that what is beyond all space and time, what is uncreated, eternal, came into nature, into human nature, descended into his own universe and rose again, bringing nature up with Him. It is precisely one great miracle. If you take that away, there is nothing precisely Christian left.”


Almighty God, you hold together all things in heaven and on earth. The virus and the experiences of racism tear us apart. With your Trinitarian force, hold us together, lead us, love us and heal us. Amen.

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